Multiple revenue streams from your own TV app is only a few clicks away

TVCLOUD is revolutionizing the process of setting up a branded TV channel, eliminating the need for hefty upfront investments and any costs incurred when updating or changing your channel’s content. With this platform, you can seamlessly launch on-demand events, ticketed online shows, pay-per-view offerings, and subscription plan options to drive viewership and organic discovery – all while monetizing your channel and creating multiple income streams for your business. It’s time to dream big, knowing that the world of opportunity previously closed off due to technological complexity is now just a click away with TVCLOUD!

Subscriptions (SVOD)

Monetizing your video and audio content as well as live streaming opens up a world of possibilities. By providing subscription packages, you offer an appealing choice for your users: consume now, pay later.

The fact that you can adjust the subscription types to engage everyone from casual viewers to avid fans allows you not only broaden the reach of your content but also garner deeper engagement and loyalty.

Private subscription plans are another great way to cultivate relationships with specific users while building your subscriber base—all while potentially creating a more diverse revenue stream than ever before. With this model, the sky is truly the limit!

Transactional (TVOD) / Pay Per View (PPV)

Our vision is to create a world where video and audio content is unleashed from location and time limitations. By utilizing transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) and Pay-per-view (PPV) models, along with rental options, content owners have the ability to find global distribution for their work. Whether it be through providing access to subscribers or non-subscribers alike, content can now be monetized through our platform with restrictions set in place such as the number of views or hours available. With an array of pricing structures tailored to target audiences, content owners can maximize revenue earned while users can access a wide variety of material at competitive prices. Join us in the revolution by monetizing your digital content today!

Video Advertising (AVOD)

Muvi One’s HTML5 video player is not only incredibly powerful, giving you the capability to monitor, monetize and manage your videos easily, but it is also primed for the future of digital video with its compatibility with both VAST and VPAID ads.

Whether you want to go for a traditional pre-roll approach or a more subscriber-friendly model like mid-roll or post-roll, Muvi One has all the options at your fingertips. Setting up banner ads will be a breeze thanks to out-of-the-box integration with big-name ad servers like YuMe, SpotXchange, and Google DoubleClick – allowing you to have complete control over where and how your viewers can experience your content while giving you peace of mind that the entire process is optimized for maximum revenue potential.

Crowdfunding & Donation

By leveraging the power of donation monetization, content creators no longer need to be restricted by their production budget. It’s a pioneering way for producers to optimize resources and maximize returns from their work.

With Muvi One’s out-of-the-box solution, creators can set goals that represent their ambition and drive users to turn store credits into donations! Measure the popularity of your content, its reach, audience interest level, and how much progress you are making towards reaching your target. Maximizing earnings opportunities has never been easier with TVCLOUD — it truly is the future of monetization.

PPV Bundles

Creating a PPV bundle is a great way to offer exclusive content to select viewers. With this type of feature, you can curate precisely what content you want for an audience and set the perfect price point for their viewing experience.

You can even keep the bundle private so that only those who know about it have access. It’s the perfect tool to provide that extra-special touch of quality and value to your streaming apps.


Take advantage of pre-ordering options and generate revenue from your viewers before the content is released. Offer exclusive access or discounts to encourage purchases in advance.

With the TVCLOUD system, your users can pre-order content as soon as the feed is available at your end. It’s time to get ahead of the curve with TVCLOUD. Take advantage and open up a new horizon for your content.

Coupon Codes & Credits

TVCLOUD provides a powerful way to monetize your video and audio content through coupons and discounts.

Our built-in coupon code engine makes it easy for you to customize offers that can be used for marketing purposes, giving you the power to offer promotions tailored to fit any budget or situation. Plus, it enables you to launch unique campaigns and reach out to new target audiences. Unlock a revolutionary new way of advertising with TVCLOUD today!

Gift cards & Vouchers

Let your viewers give the gift of entertainment with TVCLOUD’s integrated gift cards and vouchers. Offer your customers an easy way to purchase content for their friends, family, or colleagues.

By creating vouchers instantly on your platform, you will equip your users with the choice to customize the ideal package of entertainment for them.

Imagine being able to map vouchers to individual titles, entire categories of content, or – for adventurous customers – even the entire library! You can also provide exclusive discounts on certain content with our coupon codes and credits, keeping users engaged and coming back for more. It’s time to get creative and make the most of your content.

Membership platform

With TVCLOUD’s membership platform, you can easily create a fully-customized subscription plan for your content.

Offer exclusive access to rewards and benefits to your subscribers to entice more viewers and more engagement with your content.


Reward your viewers with loyalty programs and credits. This is a great way to boost engagement and encourage people to come back time and again.

With TVCLOUD’s built-in credit system, you can provide loyalty credits to your users against each subscription activation and/or renewal. Allow your users to redeem their credit points by watching any content from any category and make it a truly rewarding experience!

Integrate multiple social media platforms

Integrate multiple social media platforms with TVCLOUD, and easily post content directly from your platform to the respective channel.

Maximize your reach, create engagement, and increase your viewership numbers. With TVCLOUD’s social media integration, you can easily share content with a wider audience and add value to your customers.

By integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more into one user-friendly platform, TVCLOUD gives companies a powerful tool to reach their followers more easily and effectively than ever before. TVCLOUD also facilitates embedded video and audio streaming service to allow users to engage their fanbase in new and exciting ways to drive more engagement.

Sponsors (corporate sponsorship)

OTT platform corporate sponsorship is an innovative and burgeoning form of marketing which has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses interact with consumers. By leveraging a combination of digital media and branded content, companies are able to capitalise on the rising popularity of streaming services in order to reach a broader audience than ever before.

Through this approach, businesses can establish meaningful relationships with their target demographic, providing them with value-added benefits such as access to exclusive content or discounts on merchandise.OTT platform corporate sponsorship is an innovative form of digital marketing that has recently surfaced as a viable option for businesses seeking to diversify their advertising tactics.

This type of corporate sponsorship leverages the reach and engagement of an Over-the-Top (OTT) platform to strategically target consumers, allowing businesses to capitalise on the rapidly increasing amount of viewers who are accessing content via streaming services.